Sizzling with Money Boy

Name: Abdallah

Age: 30

Country: Tanzania

In Tanzania exists a group of delightfully handsome men/boys that are bisexually touted and famous for providing the services to the gay community in exchange for cash. You will pay them for sex, and this might come after you have paid for their dinner and the taxi that brought them to your hands.

Recently a friend of mine set me up with one from one of his enduring networks of boys from Dar es Salaam. I had earlier told him that I would be in town for work and I was interested to meet someone while there. The vanity had crept up my spine and after seeing two photos, I decided to go for the young, with the luscious lips and eyes that would have put me to sleep. I was smitten by his beauty.

“He is top,” my friend told me after sending me the photo.

“There is no problem; my dictionary still possesses words like cuddling, kissing,” I reassured him.

However, my friend was quick to tell me that I would have to pay for his taxi and buy him some drinks when he comes and visit me. He gave me the boy’s number and we started chatting. When I was in Dar, I invited him to come over. He took a taxi and I was there to meet him at the entrance of the hotel and pay for his ride.

He was tall and slim, a bit rough on the edges. He seemed to have been molded by the streets. He had a cute face and if he were bottom I would have had sex with him the whole night. It was clear that he gets lots of attention.

I bought two sizzling dishes and we started chatting. From the beginning it was clear that he was full of himself and he had grown to be the chandelier of the room. He darted from one subject to another. He told me about his father and what he did, though most of it seemed to either be fake or overindulged with sprinkles of details I would have had a hard time to swallow. What I liked about him was the he was chatty – I can’t stand people who cannot make conversation.

And then he told me that he doesn’t want to date famous people before broaching into singling out some of the famous models and fashion designers whose names are the public knowledge among the gay community and even to those who don’t belong to the community.

“I like someone who is not in the scene,” But he made sure to mention that some of those mentioned in his list of examples had wanted him and he had no choice but stick to his preference.

And then a woman with a derriere to kill passed and his eyes followed her in the way a lion starts off towards his prey. There were two ladies sitting next table, possessing the aura of those women dressed up and ready to snatch what would be interested in them.

“Hawa wote wamekuja kudanga,” he said it. He then went on to tell me how women he had taken to bed had ended up paying him because his game was so out of this world. Actually he made sure to shower himself with compliments of how tight his game is numerous times to the point that I was already doubting it.

He was very open that he dates both girls and boys and sometimes due to his wild talent of hiding one from the other, he could eat both dishes at the same time.

“Have you ever had a boyfriend?” I was interested to know.

“Yes I have had. We stayed for some time but we broke up at the end. We stopped talking but now we drop each other a line from time to time,”

He told me that there are many men and women who want him. Most people that he doesn’t like are ready to pay him so they can be in some sort of relationship with him or at least have an experience with him. And he mostly agrees to this sort of transaction.

Tanzania is one of those places where you might need to dig into your pocket and pay to have an encounter. Even bottoms need to pay to get serviced. No exception.

After the meal, I escorted him to take the taxi and I handed him 20,000 for the enlightening conversation through sizzling dishes.

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