Clubbing Experience II – Further Up!

Name: Ruta

Age: 27

Country: Tanzania

So this is going to be my second post on clubbing experience. I am luck meeting interesting characters in clubs; I think my next boyfriend will come from there. This time things are going to happen much differently than before. So sit back and enjoy the story!

I had gone to a club with my friends. And this was after a long period – one month – of not been in one. My friends and I started off with dinner and after we were full and had hanged out for some time, it was time to hit the club.

We arrived at the place when it wasn’t very full. But slowly people started trickling in, some we knew and some we didn’t. In no time we were dancing to the music, having drinks, the alcohol invading our senses; we were pretty much having a swell moment.

I was dancing along the alleyway after about two hours because the whole place was packed. I had enough alcohol in my system to be tipsy enough and let loose.

A boy passed and we made eye contact. His plan of going out, or to the loo came to a standstill when he decided to stand next to me, his eyes fixed on one of the screens showing a football match – I have never understood why they have football matches in clubs. I was sure that he was there because of the eye contact. I continued dancing, stealing glances from time to time. I felt something. I felt he was there because of me.

He then left and went outside. I continued dancing. In no time he came back and went to the back of the club. After half an hour or so, I followed him. I pretended as if I was looking for someone when I got to where he was. He was with his friends. He was sitting on a ledge, his legs dangling, watching one of the screens – this boy liked those screens. I nodded to him as if I had just stumbled upon where he was while in search of this imaginary friend. He did the same. I went to him and dropped a few lines.

We talked intermittently. His friends were quite rowdy. A bit rough on the edges. He wasn’t too far from it. I remember at one moment, he jumped down from the ledge where he was sitting and smashed a bottle on the floor. I was taken aback though I wasn’t scared. Was he trying to scare me away? Was he trying to prove a point? Well he failed. I continued standing next to him and I remember laughing. Creepy!

But during all this sitting on the ledge, breaking bottles, there was energy seeping through. I recognized it and I felt he did. I was nice to him and he seemed a bit scared. Maybe he was one of those rough guys who were suppressing it; those who knew it too well that the queer blood runs through them and became violent when they smelled it on someone else.

I stayed for some time before reconnecting with my friends. The dancing continued.

At one time I was outside the club, getting some fresh air. He came out with his friends. I looked at him. We locked eyes. He came to where I was standing leaving his friends to continue. I asked him if they were leaving and he said yes.

Then he asked me if I were a bottom. Straight to the point. Do I look like a bottom to you? I played the words in my head. I told him I was a top. He said he was one too. He was like it’s too bad. I was like it doesn’t have to be. He asked me what I had in mind. I looked around and philosophized a bit about what could happen.

“We really don’t need sex.”

I could tell he was unsure. I felt he was scared at what my happen. He is one of those tops who have never been with another top. Scary shit.

He asked me who I was living with. I said none. He said he was scared there might be a gang waiting for him at my place. I convinced him and in no time he left his friends and followed me to the car. He actually sneaked out, pretending to go to the loo and leaving them there. We talked in the car and in no time we were at my place. He took stock of things. I grabbed him and kissed his cigarette-filled mouth. He was bulky, not from hitting the gym but from chunks of fat stored in places of his body. I was a bit tipsy so his ash-tray mouth didn’t bother me then. He was straight-acting (activists don’t take arms).

I took off his clothes or more like he took them off in a hurry. His naked body was revealed below the dim light. Chunky he was but taller than me. His member was ready for business.

You see, he possesses one of those not-very-good members. A bit short but so perky it can puncture you. As we embraced it kept poking my belly. I knew then how it would feel like to be nailed.

I led him to the bedroom. We wrestled a bit on bed. I was better on top. He tried to suck me but the vampire came out. His teeth got in the way and I told him to stop. We continued to wrestle and he asked what we are going to do. I told him I don’t know. He said he wanted to try bottoming; I was excited. I grabbed a condom but didn’t find the lube, I ran around the house in vain and I just grabbed Vaseline from the bathroom. Let me just fast forward. We didn’t do it. Too tight, lack of preparation mixed together.

He begged to enter me and in my head I was like no with that perky sword of yours. I told him I wasn’t ready and well, I was a top. He begged a bit and I was firm. I took him to the loo and spent a minute jerking his member before he exploded. He washed himself and in no time he was fully dressed and I was in the car to take him back.

He asked to stay in touch. I didn’t object. I gave him my number as we left but it was the right number with the last digit wrong.

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