Clubbing Experience III – Stranded

Name: Ruta

Age: 27

Country: Tanzania

This is the story of the 21 year old boy that drove me crazy for weeks. I hope he was 21 like he said. He could have been less but you never know these things and I am never the type to ask for people’s IDs.

From the title you can imagine where I met this one.

Well, I am going to cut to the chase, leave out details of entering into the club, sipping alcohol and getting tipsy.

One Saturday I was in the club; it was packed and people were pushing to pass. I was speaking with a friend and when I turned around I saw him. The first thing that my eyes zoomed onto was his lips, pouty which made his smile a bit sneaky, a bit sexy.

He smiled I remember the immediate magnetization that drew me too him. I smiled back and I greeted him when he passed close to me. He responded and the connection was established. In my heart I was going, not another one in a club. He was younger than me, shorter than me but delicious.

The second time when he passed near me he whispered that he was going outside, as if we had known each other for an eternity. For me that was a cue and after some few minutes, I told my friend I am going to get some fresh air. I spotted him sitting with a bunch of guys. I went to him. It was so natural. We started talking as if we knew each other; I asked him some questions. I don’t know if he were honest with me. But what was honest was his smile. It was so clear that every time our eyes meet, sparks flew around like the Chinese New Year. He would turn to exchange a few words with his friends and when he turned back to me there was that smile and pouty lips. He lingered. I lingered. We all fucking lingered cause there was fire. Am I going to get burned? Well we just have to wait and see.

It was June and the cold was in the air. I didn’t have my jersey/sweater with me so I told him I wanted to go and grab it from the car. I asked him to accompany me and without hesitation he followed, with his pants hanging low and his walk characterized by one that has watched too many Hip Hop videos.

It was freezing. My hands were almost numb. I unlocked the car and we were inside. I put on the heater. He asked me what we were going to do and I turned to him. We kissed. Long and passionate!  God I can remember the kiss. He tasted of cigarette but what the heck. I pulled back and looked at him. He was divine. I liked him. I know I did. It was stupid.

And then he asked me how I knew he was gay. I just knew, I told him. He said he was afraid because his previous experience/boyfriend who was a dedicated loudmouth wandering around spilling beans to some people who were close to him. For the first time his eyes were full of fear and uncertainty. I told him I didn’t have any qualifications for outing anyone. He added that he didn’t want his mother or sis to know; he was so cute I grabbed him and hugged him for like two minutes, kissing and biting his neck. He let me kiss him, deeper and deeper, every time becoming comfortable with me.

He pulled away and said he had to go back and join his friends. I asked for his number. We hugged and kissed as he ran his hand through my crotch. I shuddered.

Next day when I called the number it was not reachable and for a week after and up to this day. One day when I was busy hunting on Badoo, I encountered his profile, his low hanging pants, his pouty sneaky smile. His name was the one he had gave me but he hadn’t logged onto Badoo for what seemed like six months. I googled his name and found his Facebook profile and in no time I went through it, learning more about him which was nothing really. He hadn’t logged on for like six months. I didn’t do anything.

I was a bit devastated for the first few weeks but now he is fading. Just like many before and to come.

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