Sounding Gay

The question of voice within the gay community is one of the most enduring and interesting one; begging gay men, of course those that find it relevant, to ask whether they sound gay and what that means and its repercussions. There has been the issue of the connection between lisping and gay men & gay voice and femininity. Many of the gay men have tried to sound more “straight”, trying to change their gay voices in order to fit in, not to be identifiable for possible consequences of a beat up: almost seeking to appear “straight” or normal.

Internalized homophobia has left many gays searching for solutions, an antidote to their gayness voice by taking speech classes or just practicing in their rooms with different methods they can get their hand son. In fact it is this same internalized homophobia that has discriminated the same gay men by other gay men; “I don’t want to hear the gay voice in bed, it is such a turn off,” one might say that.

This is an interesting documentary (Do I sound gay?) that explores this question, tracing its roots and presenting numerous reasons behind it and how gay men are dealing wit it. Of course this is from the US but it would be interesting to see how this translates to;

  • Gay men of countries that don’t speak English – is there a gay voice let’s say in Swahili?
  • What about when these gays speak in English (as a second language) can we see the same pattern of drawn out vowels, over-articulated Ps, Ts and Ks, clearer Ls etc.
  • The documentary presents the argument of “role modeling” –  how does this translate to a gay man who grew up in Africa who didn’t have the likes of Clifton Webb?

Link here.

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