Fourth Man Out

Is this possible? Does it happen like this? Sometimes at least since I know of countless times that it doesn’t. Being accepted is one of the most important things in life; that together with happiness. At least one of the two most important things I can say. But most people don’t get opportunities like these. Most people suffer, get beaten up, get disowned, get rejected by their societies and in fact they might even lose their jobs. So for this reason, it is such a blessing from the universe to be accepted, even when those who accept you are struggling to make sense of who you are and what this  means to them and how it changes the relationship. It is the effort that matters because there is a very thin line between their efforts against you and their efforts for you. However, we never have it the same. The world can be a shit place and it is in moments like these when we are pushed to be grateful for those who have accepted us or at least made the effort to.

So this is to you, allies.



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