Looking (Movie)


Sometimes, we all need to run away and disappear: running away is important; a step to discover what works and what doesn’t. Running away is the medicine, that never heals but makes you realize what is the problem. We all need to run away sometimes, hide and lick our wounds. But when the time is right, and the time is always right when it calls, you will come back to where it all started and through the maze you will travel to find the missing piece, the missing link, the root of the problem.

I once heard a story about a boy who ran away, many years ago. He ran away to the end of the world, to where the winds never blew and the sun never shone. He ran away so far that he couldn’t come back. He couldn’t come back because he forgot his way back and time couldn’t help him. Because he had run away too far, he ended up forgetting why he was running away in the first place, his memory swallowed, extinguished. And so he lived in a perpetual state of forgetfulness, although deep in his heart he knew something was missing. He hoped that time will bring back his memory and help him trace his steps back to where it all started. When I heard this story, it saddened me, it broke my heart.

For some reason this movie reminded me of it; it reminded me of this boy that I have never met physically, although through his story I have come to know him like a skin next to  me. Someone used to say that we carry all the stories we hear, they become us.  So when this movie ended, I wished that one day he might find his way back.



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