Anal Sex – Tanzania’s Perspective

“Sex against the nature of the body”, that is how anal sex is referred to in TZ. Ngono kinyume cha maumbile. 

Growing up, I knew that anal sex was frowned upon in TZ. It was really a collection of anecdotes, stories and gossips that all sought to highlight that my country took a issue with people having anal sex.

Today anal sex is still frowned upon and any public social intercourse on the topic will seek to denounce it.

Anal sex is seen as dirty and humiliating to the woman (heterosexually speaking), a subject for shaming to any couple who choose to engage in it.

I remember an instance when my father warned us (my siblings and I) that we shouldn’t enter the woman kinyume cha maumbile. I cringed when he said it as sex was never discussed in my household. My brother got quite uncomfortable and angry at my father for even brought this topic. We were teenagers by then and my father was nothing but serious in his delivery.

Over the years, many things were said by friends and the general public about anal sex. I have compiled a couple of them below.

Some interesting beliefs about anal sex

  1. Anal sex & Arabs. Growing up I got a chance to hear interesting stories of anal sex and Arabs. Rumors had it that most of the Arab girls would engage in anal sex in order to preserve their virginity in case they decided to engage in pre-marital sex. Zanzibarians were known to be people who loved anal sex, this frowned upon practice.
  2. Anal sex and childbirth. “The baby will try to pass through the anus during childbirth.” People would talk of the repercussions to women engaging in anal sex. They would say that midwives would be infuriated and they would even slap the mothers because it was shameful and it made things complicated during childbirth.
  3. At age 19, I heard one girl around my age saying, gay people who engaged in anal sex accumulate sperm in their colon and they would need to go to the doctor for it to be pumped out of their anal cavity.
  4. Penis function. There is a belief among many people that a penetrated man will be unable to get hard because anal sex destroys ability to stay erect.
  5. Penis function II. There was also a belief that the penetrating man will have his penis blocked if he doesn’t use a condom as shit will enter the urethra. He needs to pee immediately after sex.

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