Under A Strong Iraqi Rule

It is 10pm. I can’t sleep because the boner doesn’t let me. A torso starts chatting with me on Grindr. It is a good torso but it could be fake for all I know. It is hairy but not too much. It could belong to a Turk or a Moroccan.

Initially the chats are far between. And then he sends me a dick pic and o la la. Such a perfect size with a delicious curve. I tell him that I am more top and he says he is versatile. He says he can only come after midnight. I am like I don’t know if I will still be up. I am unsure whether he will come.

I ask for his phone number so I can see his face (he said he can show me there). When I add him and head over to WhatsApp I see his face immediately. Not bad. He could be a Turk or a Moroccan.

I have had not very good experiences with Moroccans in NL. They tend to be too discreet to the point of taking away the fun from sex, too over-masculine in an over-compensating way to the point of spoiling good sex because it makes them rigid.

He reiterates that he will come at midnight.

At midnight I am still up reading a book – The Stories of Our Lives from Nest Collection. I text him and he asks me for directions. I send him the address in words but he wants me to send him the location. I find that to be weird; the map location is not 100% accurate. I know he would bother me when he would get here cause he wouldn’t find the door. And he does. I have to go to the main road to pick him up. It is good cause it gives me time to inspect him. He is not fake and he is in good shape.

I take him to my place and we start kissing. I notice he isn’t the kissing type. He is lazily moving his lower lip as if he is not comfortable. In my head I am going, “yeah the Moroccans and their issues.”

When we hug and rub against each other, he gets super horny and vocal. I bite his neck and he goes wild with moaning. He cups my business to see if it matches his expectation. He pulls down my sweatpants; I have gone commando. He is satisfied as he twists and turns the engorged member. He proceeds to grab my ass. I take down his sweatpants and lordie I am mesmerized.

I immediately know that I would take it. My bottom side has come alive. He notices it and he pushes me down on it. I start sucking it. He is cut. I am very happy. You see I have always and still does have trouble sucking uncut. I don’t like the smell of the foreskin. No matter how you wash it still lingers there.

I am a wild beast deepthroating him. He has the perfect length for taking it all without choking too much, choking just enough to make the choking sound and not puking. he has the right girth just enough to fit the entire mouth.

“Oh lordie I like his dick so much,” my inner voice is singing.

He is a bit dominant. Not Machofucker dominant. Just the right amount. He makes me take it all and he face fucks me just the right way. I am on my knees.

I make him sit on the sofa and I keep on sucking him. He lifts his head and I rim him.

He is hairy but the best hairy. His hair doesn’t get stuck on your tongue kinda hairy. I always have a thing against hairy guys but not him.

I am genuinely entranced by his cock and he starts playing with my ass. He says he likes it and he starts fingering me with a bit of spit.

“Do you have a condom?” I know it is going down.

I hand him one and I realize how masculine and dominant he is, from the wear he tears the packet to the way he wears it. He turns me and bends me over. He spits on his dick and tries to push it in. It is a bit painful. I grab some lotion and puts on his dick and he pushes it in. I tried to put my hand and he takes it out. I protest but he doesn’t hear it.

After about 30 seconds I am floating on cloud nine.  Only three times that I have bottomed have I felt like this.

By now he is really pumping me and you could tell from the sound of his hips slapping on be butt. He makes me kneel doggy on the sofa and he is ramming me and I can’t scream cause people are sleeping the walls are cardboard thin. Thanks Netherlands. He makes me want to cum but I stop stroking.

When he cums I literally have to cover his mouth. He is Mr. Marky-cuming. He says he wants to do it again when he leaving. He tells me he is from Iraq – “yeah, I have been slammed by an Iraqi, long live Saddam Hussein.”

I never bottom much because I never enjoys it. But now I think the technique was wrong. I think I want someone dominant, not vanilla “are you doing okay all the time, let me stop if you can’t handle it.” I want someone to own me. Someone who won’t listen to my initial protests, someone who will bulldoze through the first 30 seconds without giving me a breather because if he does then I will protest more and I won’t pass the threshold of the initial pain. I get more tense if I know what will happen step by step. I think someone who is dominant and who can flip the cards and do something different is the best for me.

I remember how I felt when he bent me over, I can’t fully put it in words. There was this sense of me almost loosening up. I guess I am the screwed up one that needs it a little rough and dominance.

I have also realized I don’t like it if someone is slow cause I always get this feeling that I am going to “shit”. It makes me tense cause I am fighting to hold everything in which ends up not loosening me up properly. But when someone is fast I don’t get that feeling, and that makes me enjoy the act more since I don’t have to concentrate on fighting the “shitty” feeling.

So yeah! Bottoming under the strong Iraqi rule.


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