Are you living in the closet?

Are you living in a country where you cannot express yourself?

Do you want to tell your story?

This is your space.

By sharing your story, you are touching many people who are in the same situation as yours. Your story will inspire and show the world that you exist, and even in the midst of living in the condition that you are; even as your identity is muffled by the society, you are struggling to be happy and make sense of your it.

Nature of the story

Your story can be about anything: when you realized you were gay; when you had your first kiss; when you were kicked out of your house when your mom found out; when you were heartbroken; when you were happy etc.

Editing and Posting

If you would like to hide certain things like locations, names and other revealing information, we will do that. Your safety is paramount and we will tell the story with as much authenticity without compromising your life.

How to Submit

Send your submissions or contact me at

Remember, by telling your story, you are healing yourself and many other out there who are going through what you are. Give your life a voice.



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